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A little Poker lesson

The basics for Casino Stud Poker

Poker table

Try to beat the dealers hand

Make a bet - Play only the dealer - If you win receive odds dependent on the value of your hand - A Pair pays 2-1 all the way up to a Royal Flush which pays 100-1

Ace and King

Dealer needs a hand to open

any pair or higher, or even an Ace and King will open - you see one of the dealers cards

Poker payouts

To stay in - you double your original ante bet

Dealer flops and shows any opening hand - lose or get paid the odds of your hand

Stud Poker

Stud Poker is a simple 5 card Poker Game against the dealer. It is played on a table similar to that of Blackjack. Once the initial ante bet is placed the dealer deals 5 cards to the player face down and also 5 cards to themselves. The dealers cards are face down apart from one card. The up-turned card is so the player has some idea of what hand the dealer has. - The player looks at their cards and has a simple choice to either play or fold. If they play then they double their first bet and the bet is paid at the odds value of the hand

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